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As the only accredited school of public health in the Rocky Mountain region, we take a trailblazing approach to the science and art of public health. We believe in blending research and practice, using what we’re learning and applying it in the real world, in real time to improve health. We know that to tackle big issues—like health disparities and climate change—we have to get creative and collaborative.

Join us. Let’s make the world a little better and a little healthier for all.
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We design and manufacture inventor-driven products that organize your life, protect your gear, light your way, and creatively solve your everyday problems.
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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Office Public Health Practice, Planning and Local Partnerships (OPHP) works to support public health throughout Colorado by promoting collaborations, partnerships, and planning; serving as liaisons and linking local public health agencies to each other and to state and national entities; and providing consultation and technical assistance.
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At the Foundation, we believe keeping equity at the heart of our work will lead Coloradans to better health. But health equity – which exists when there are no avoidable, unfair or systemically-caused differences in health status – is still not a reality for all Coloradans. Racial injustice is historically the leading driver of health inequity, and most significantly affects communities of color who live on low income. Consequently, we believe racial justice is the key pathway to achieving health equity through our strategic priorities.
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The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) administers the two state mental health hospitals, purchases services to prevent and treat mental health and substance use disorders through contracts with behavioral health providers, regulates the public behavioral health system, and provides training, technical assistance, evaluation, data analysis, prevention services and administrative support to behavioral health providers and relevant stakeholders. OBH serves as the federally designated “Single State Authority” for mental health and substance use.
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Health and health career education for students, providers, and community members.
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