2018 Public Health in the Rockies Conference

Better Together: Past, Present, Future

Presented by:

Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA)

Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado (PHNAC) 

General Conference Information: 

The purpose of the 2018 Public Health in the Rockies Conference is to provide an opportunity for education, networking and skill development of professionals in Colorado and neighboring regions.  The Conference is designed to build a more competent public health workforce.

The goals of the conference are to:

  1. Provide a forum for public health professionals to develop new skills, demonstrate best practices, exchange lessons learned, share current research, and discover valuable resources.
  2. Offer a multi-disciplinary conference program that encompasses the broad aspects of public health.
  3. Stimulate innovation in public health practice.
  4. Provide an annual meeting opportunity for the memberships of the affiliate associations.  
  5. Encourage networking of all professions represented in public health.

The intended audience for this conference includes, but is not limited to: 

  • community service providers
  • epidemiologists
  • health educators
  • physicians
  • program coordinators and administrators
  • nurses
  • environmental health professionals
  • community health workers
  • patient navigators
  • public health officers
  • researchers and faculty
  • mental health professionals
  • policy professionals
  • students
  • related health specialists

This conference is a gathering of individuals associated with public health from Colorado and surrounding states.  Conference attendees will consist of a wide mix of participants from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as the medical, academic and community settings.

The theme of the 2018 Public Health in the Rockies conference is Better Together: Past, Present, Future.

This theme continues the conversations from and highlights the past years’ public health achievements that have been made  since the passage of the Public Health Act of 2008 and the founding of the Colorado School of Public Health. We will continue to discuss our current and future public health and advocacy work in addressing health equity, inclusiveness, and community engagement, in order to create real world solutions to improve the health of our communities.

The 2018 Conference will highlight the ongoing importance of promoting health equity, and aims to:

        • Encourage innovation to transform communication, practice, and policies
        • Evolve common ground with non-traditional partners and build new collaboration opportunities
        • Use advocacy and activism to develop a unified voice for public health and health equity
        • Celebrate the power of community engagement and participation
        • Facilitate a deeper level of leadership and professional development training


The conference will provide insight and ideas on how to promote health equity in the region. It will showcase multidisciplinary efforts within the context of the three core functions of public health: assessment, policy and assurance.

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