Scholarship Information

The 2022 Scholarship Applications were due by 7/31/22.

Applications will be reviewed in early August by a diverse committee. Applicants will receive notification of their status by August 10th.  If you have any questions about the PHiR Scholarship Program, please email

At CPHA, building meaningful partnerships to advance health and health equity is a major priority. When it comes to ensuring a resilient public health workforce for years to come, there is no more important partnership than the one we forge with public health students and early career professionals. That’s how the Public Health in the Rockies (PHiR) Conference Scholarship Program began. 

The scholarship program enables public health students and early career professionals to attend the annual PHiR conference, the region’s largest gathering of public health professionals. The Public Health in the Rockies 2022 Scholarship Application is available to current students (enrolled in high school or a college or university other than the Colorado School of Public Health), and eligible early career professionals (those who are within 3 years of graduating from their highest anticipated degree). The Colorado School of Public Health has a separate scholarship for their students, so are excluded from the CPHA scholarship.

All scholarship recipients must be a current member of CPHA or become a member of CPHA prior to the conference. 

CPHA has defined health equity to be the active assurance that everyone is afforded the opportunities essential to attaining their highest level of health. In alignment with CPHA’s commitment to health equity and diversifying the public health workforce, we will consider demographic differences to support individuals’ ability to attend Public Health in the Rockies 2022. Specifically, we will prioritize our scholarship funds to support public health students and professionals who are underrepresented in health sciences fields and careers.  This includes, and is not limited to racial, ethnic, gender, faith group identity, language, national origin and ability.

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, please consider applying for the scholarship. You will be asked to answer questions related to scholarship eligibility, demographics, scholarship needs, 3 short essays, and to submit a resume. Your resume should include your academic and professional experiences, accomplishments, and skills which will allow us to better assess scholarship fit and if granted a scholarship, where your skill sets may be best utilized at the conference.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors for making these scholarships available. Join us in supporting the next generation of public health leaders by  donating today!

Hear from our Past Scholarship Recipients

Attending the conference on scholarship meant a lot to me because I was able to “meet” and network with peers and mentors all over the State of Colorado. Also, my being awarded scholarship represented CPHA seeing some value in bringing in perspectives from someone like me: a young person, a Public Health professional who chose sort of a different life path, living in Southwest Colorado, using media to build connections and tell stories to build equity. 🙂 I enjoyed learning from others, and also bringing my own perspective to the group. – Debbie Higgs, 2020 PHiR Early Career Professional Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for supporting me with the scholarship. The conference has helped me gather information and skills that I can use in my role. I feel more confident in leading my team in the work and it feels great to be part of an organization that has stated in public they are focusing on equity and becoming anti-racist. It was a great honor to be able to participate. – Kelly Medina, 2020 PHiR Early Career Professional Scholarship Recipient